Albertas Garden

Monument : Albertas Garden
Location : Bouc-Bel-Air, France
Construction : 17th century
Client : Olivier Latil d’Albertas
Commission : 2022

As part of a global study considering historical gardens in the south of France, Albertas garden is specific in many ways. It is built at the intersection of two hillsides (talweg), which is the natural path for water to flow. Like for most 17th century gardens in Provence, it is important to control the water supply in order to fill the pools and fountains, but, it is essential to provide water for the fields, orchards and vegetable gardens.

The main perspective is approximately one mile long with sequences of terraces, fountains and pools. The great pool is nearly eighty-meter long. There is another water monument: the Triton’s fountain where eight Triton statues spit water jets into the pool below.

To ensure the preservation of the site, the water network  will be analyzed in detail and restoration work will be inspired respecting  what is known of the original garden.